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The AIA Story

Advocate Investigative Agency was established in Southern California and has since proudly expanded nationwide. We’ve built a strong and dedicated team that work to provide the highest level of investigations and evidence that our clients can actually use in court. Our policies and procedures are regulated by the CA PI Act and BSIS. It’s vital that we only utilize licensed and insured investigators in every city and state where we conduct investigations.

In a fraudulent world, you would think all investigators who claim to combat fraud are ethical, but that’s not the case. At AIA we take pride in always being truthful and transparent with our clients and provide ethical, unbiased investigations and usable results. We value our clients, our team, and our investigators, and have built a culture that revolves around honesty, integrity, and personalized customer service.

Anna Sumner

Anna Sumner is the co-founder and sole owner of Advocate Investigative Agency, Inc., “AIA”. She has successfully transformed a regional, boutique investigative company into a national, mid-sized, profitable firm. Anna has 18 years of experience in the covert industry, specifically private investigations, and fraud detection. She has managed thousands of man hours of cases as she molded a team of diverse experts. Anna has made research, training, and diversity a priority at AIA. She is a community partner, a philanthropist, and a champion of the overlooked and under-represented. When she is not investigating fraud, she can be found volunteering her time and talents to causes and groups dear to her – military veterans, at-risk children, minority promotion and her church community, to name a few.

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