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Areas of Specialities

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Worker’s Compensation

Workers' Compensation fraud occurs when a claimant, employer, or health care provider knowingly lies in order to gain an advantage, money, or other benefit.  Since worker compensation claims are rarely disapproved by the employer, this has become an easy way to use fraudulent compensation claims for personal profit.  Furthermore, employees often learn how to perpetuate this type of fraud from each other.  If left unchecked, workers' compensation fraud has a snowball effect – negatively impacting the insurance company, then the employer and, finally, the legitimate worker.

Advocate Investigative Agency works to fight workers' compensation fraud by detecting fraud quickly and preserving evidence before it is lost or becomes unusable.  Findings from video surveillance give an objective view of a person’s physical capabilities and daily activities as related to his or her claim of injury.  This evidence becomes a solid, effective negotiating tool when an individual’s alleged injury is contradicted by videotaped evidence.

Automotive Liability

Advocate partners with claims adjusters, special investigations units (SIU), and attorneys to investigate suspected fraud related to automobile accidents.  Video and photo surveillance of an allegedly injured person is used to rebut claims of injuries in an auto accident as well as other personal injury cases.  Because of the frequency of auto accidents and resulting claims, outside assistance is imperative in settling claims.

Advocate provides the following services to assist with both claims and litigation:

Photographing the accident scene and evaluation of conditions on the day of the accident

Analysis of the police report including verification of information given by the parties and interviews of responding emergency personnel

Interviews of parties and any other witnesses and affected personnel background and surveillance of claimant

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Family Law.png

Family Law

As specialists in Litigation Support, Advocate is often employed to support attorneys who work in the area of family law.  The following is a list of our services that may be necessary in a family law case:

Hard and Soft Asset Searches

Background Investigations including Social

Person Locates

Services of Process



Sensitive Cases where confidentiality is of utmost importance

General / Personal Liability

When a person claims that they have been injured in an accident or incident, Advocate understands how important it is to verify whether alleged injuries could have resulted or did, in fact, result from the accident.  Our investigators are trained at sensitively handling these types of investigations. We offer the following services:

Surveillance of claimant/plaintiff including pre-surveillance background development

Statements of witnesses, parties or other affected persons with bilingual investigators available, if needed

Scene documentation

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Employment Law.png

Employment Law

As leaders in the area of workers' compensation and AOE/COE investigations, Advocate assists employment attorneys in suits arising out of claims made, most often, by employees or former employees.  Advocate uses its full range of services to settle or dispose of these suits fairly and objectively.

Cargo Theft

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Medical Malpractice

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