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Surveillance is the close observation of someone, often in order to catch them in wrongdoing.  Surveillance investigations are crucial to uncovering fraud, bringing strong legal actions, and in successfully defending false claims.

Advocate began as a company focused almost exclusively on surveillance.   The company has grown into an expert in the field of fixed and mobile surveillance.  Advocate uses the following proven formula on every case to ensure a thorough and cost-effective surveillance operation, while maximizing the probability of capturing the subject.


Pre-surveillance Background and Reconnaissanc

With every surveillance assignment, Advocate conducts an extensive background investigation based on information supplied by the client.  The background department develops information for field investigators so that they can plan for a successful operation.  For example, if the client gives us an address, we verify that it is an active address.  If a new address is discovered, we are able to reconcile this new information with the client before resources are wasted at a bad address.

Clients also rely on the expertise of our case managers in the planning phase.  Many times, a “spot check” may be needed to verify that someone is living or working at a particular address.  In addition, our staff may recommend utilizing multiple-investigator teams to reduce the chances of being detected by the subject.  Once an investigator has been detected by a subject, the chances of future successful operations reduces significantly.

Cutting-Edge Technology

To ensure optimal results, our professional investigators utilize state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, including covert video, as allowed by law.  After video is successfully captured, Advocate’s media department immediately edits the footage and creates a “hot link” that is emailed to the client so it can be reviewed as soon as possible after the case is worked.

Filming a Scene
Rooftop Break

Experienced Surveillance Investigators

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to manned surveillance operations.  Advocate ensures that a superior quality, experienced surveillance team is available to our clients when they request one.  Our field investigators participate in pre-surveillance; they familiarize themselves with prior reports, if applicable; and they employ their equipment and methods tactically but ethically, so evidence is usable to the client.

Background / Due Diligence

Advocate’s background department is composed of information-gatherers who develop and reconcile information for surveillance operations.  In addition, our background investigators are experts at due diligence – one of the most important aspects of a civil case or proceeding.  We offer the following due diligence services a la carte or as part of a larger investigative case.

Hard Asset Search

Soft Asset Search

Social Media Investigation

Background Checks on Individuals

Criminal Checks

Driving Records

Computer Software Guidance

One-Stop Shop

Advocates prides itself on being a “one-stop shop” for our insurance and legal professionals. The following services are offered to assist in preparing for a more complete and successful case.

One-Stop Shop

Medical Sweeps

Person Locates


Welfare Checks

Spot Checks

Witness Statements

Special Handling

Vintage Courtroom
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